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The Christmas Match -- Allie Burton
The Flirtation Game

Atlantis Glacial Tides -- Allie Burton
Atlantis Glacial Tides

Peace Piper's -- Allie Burton
Cleo's Curse

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Welcome to the website of young adult and contemporary romance author Allie Burton. Allie’s romances are about small town love and big time fun. Her Castle Ridge series takes place in the Rocky Mountains where love takes you higher.

Allie’s young adult stories rock with adventure and romance. From real places to made up worlds. From first love to united souls. From suspense to mystery…but always to the tune of love.


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Fated Souls Boxed set

Shapeshifters, mermaids, angels, centaurs, and more come together in a ten-book collection that is equal parts romance and action. Featuring books from some of the best paranormal romance and urban fantasy writers working in the genre today, Fated Souls has something for nearly every reader and will serve as a gateway to books that have collectively received thousands of 4- and 5-star reviews. Available for a limited time, so grab your copy now!

Hunted by Dean Murray, Blood Debt by Nancy Straight, River’s Recruit by Charlotte Abel, Cheyenne by Lisa Wiedmeier, Discerning Spirits by Kellie McAllen, Pisces by Rachel Medhurst, Atlantis Riptide by Allie Burton, Smoke and Mirrors by Jess Haines, Chameleon by Kelly Oram, and Beg for Mercy by Shannon Dermott

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The Romance Dance will be only .99 cents!

The Romance Side

To celebrate the month of romance, The Romance Dance will be on sale February 1-20th

If you haven’t had the chance to read The Romance Dance now’s your chance. Reviewers say: “Magnificent, 5 Stars” and “Dancing to the music! This was a beautiful and intriguing story!”

Reed O’Donnell can’t stop the attraction he feels toward his new tenant, but she’s beautiful and outgoing, while he is not. When his younger brother begs him to help impress Quinn, Reed can’t say no. Using the musical language of love, he woos Quinn for his brother, but when his own mask slips will he reveal his secrets?

In this modern take of Cyrano de Bergerac meets Beauty and the Beast, Quinn and Reed dance their way into each other’s hearts.

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