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Atlantis Glacial Tides -- Allie Burton
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Atlantis Riptide

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Cleo's Curse





Welcome to the website of young adult author Allie Burton. Allie’s stories rock with adventure and romance. From real places to made up worlds. From first love to united souls. From suspense to mystery…but always to the tune of love.

Soul Warriors Books in a Bundle

Soul Warriors Three Book Set

The first three books in the Soul Warriors series are now available in one bundle. Soul Warriors Three Book Set includes Soul Slam, Tut’s Trumpet, and Peace Piper.

Fated from the past to save the future.

The Soul Warriors race against time and dark magic to save the world and themselves from destruction. But will they connect with their powers and each other in time to stop the madness? Adventure, romance, and fantasy collide as the Soul Warriors take you on a thrilling ride.

Go to my books page to read descriptions and excerpts from each book.

#Atlantis vs. #Warriors in a tie!

Break the tie between the Lost Daughters of Atlantis series and the Soul Warriors series by voting on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram on which series I should write the next book for.

Here’s how you can vote for either Riva’s story or Lily’s story:

Twitter: Tag @allie_burton and use the hashtag #Atlantis or #SoulWarriors.

Facebook: Comment on my Facebook Author page whether you want the next book in Atlantis or Soul Warriors series.

Instagram: Tag allieburtonauthor and use the hashtag #Atlantis or #SoulWarriors.

Or, you can email me your vote at allie@allieburton.com I’m excited to see what the decision is!


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