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Atlantis Glacial Tides -- Allie Burton
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Welcome to the website of young adult author Allie Burton. Allie’s stories rock with adventure and romance. From real places to made up worlds. From first love to united souls. From suspense to mystery…but always to the tune of love.

NEW RELEASE: Peace Piper, Soul Warriors Book 3Peace Piper, Soul Warriors Book 3

I’m so excited to announce the release of Peace Piper on August 12, 2015 at all major retailers! This is the third book in the Soul Warriors series and features the second of Tut’s trumpets.

Her mother imprisoned by a murderous Egyptian cult.
An ancient instrument with powers to ensnare her teenage soul forever.
A handsome warrior who trusts her with his life and who she must betray.

Piper Akins hates working with brainy Soul Warrior Math to find the ancient trumpet of peace. She was chosen for the search because Piper doesn’t slip into unconsciousness when the trumpet is played—a connection from an unknown, but powerful father.

Math was chosen for the quest because of his brilliance, but he wants to prove to his warrior brothers that he’s strong and more than just a brain. When Piper tricks him, he realizes he’s failed at both.

As they pursue their mission, Math helps Piper discover her hereditary magic and teaches her to use the powers. She finds her true self and is drawn to him as they create their own kind of magic. Until Piper is ordered to betray Math to save her dying mother.

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