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Welcome to the website of young adult author Allie Burton. Allie’s stories rock with adventure and romance. From real places to made up worlds. From first love to united souls. From suspense to mystery…but always to the tune of love.

ATLANTIS TWISTING TIDES is being re-released on its own in November. The novella featuring Reef’s sister Adria was included in the THIS SUMMER STORM anthology. The short story is a prequel to Adria’s full story that will be published in December. If you want to see how Adria meets her “forever guy” then get a copy of ATLANTIS TWISTING TIDES.


All of my LOST DAUGHTERS OF ATLANTIS books and SOUL SLAM have been added to Google Play! To get the latest Allie Burton updates sign up for my newsletter here.

And check out the Extras page for facts about Antarctica. Why am I giving you facts about the southernmost continent? Stay tuned to find out where the next Atlantis adventure takes us!


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