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Cinderella Assassin -- Allie Burton
Cinderella Assassin

Warrior's Destiny --  Allie Burton
Warrior's Destiny

Atlantis Riptide -- Allie Burton
Atlantis Riptide

The Romance Dance -- Allie Burton
The Romance Dance

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Three Books In One:
Warrior Academy Collection

Warrior Academy -- Allie Burton

Enroll at Warrior Academy for an adventure in magic and romance.

Three full books. Life and death quests. One extraordinary collection.

Warrior’s Destiny:Duringa heist to steal an ancient amulet, sixteen-year-old Oliviaunwittingly receives the soul of King Tut…and the deadly curse that comes with it.

Warrior’s Chaos:When Aria York loses her parents, she thinks nothing worse can happen. Then her grandfather is kidnapped by a mysterious cult and she is hunted by those willing to kill.

Warrior’s Prophecy:Piper Akins has lived in the clutches of an evil cult and yearns to run away. But with her mother’s life at stake, she is forced to find a magical instrument that will give the cult more destructive power.

Available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited