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Down the Witching Well Cover Reveal

Down the Witching Well
A Glass Slipper Adventure Book 8

She believed she’d return to the coven a hero. Instead, she’s found a chaotic battle caused by an imposter and a need to stay out of the limelight.

Cassia has been to purgatory and back. She escaped the Underworld only to find her coven in chaos—a fierce battle taking place between witches. And leading the charge was…her. Or her sister pretending to be her. Again.

Not only has her sister stolen her identity, but Cassia keeps shrinking in stature and confidence, her familiar isn’t accepted, and every time she uses her magic an electrical charge attaches to her soul.
Now, Cassia must discover the reasons for the shrinking and the electrical charge, stop the war between witches, and warn the new king of an evil threat.

Can the wayward witch right-size herself and the coven permanently? Or will the jolt consume her and turn her to the dark side forever?

And is it possible she’s the biggest threat of all?

Down the Witching Well is the eighth book in the charming Glass Slipper Adventure YA fantasy series, and the second story in the twisted Alice in Wonderland arc. If you enjoyed the suspense of The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, you'll love the dark intrigue of Cassia's journey in this thrilling paranormal fantasy. Read Down the Witching Well and plunge into a twisted tale!

Other books in the series include Cinderella Assassin, Cinderella Soldier, Cinderella Spy, Snow Wicked White, Snow Warrior White, Snow Witching White, and Through the Witching Glass.

Releasing early 2024!