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Cinderella Assassin -- Allie Burton
Cinderella Assassin

Warrior's Destiny --  Allie Burton
Warrior's Destiny

Atlantis Riptide -- Allie Burton
Atlantis Riptide

The Romance Dance -- Allie Burton
The Romance Dance

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Warrior Academy -- Allie Burton

The second book in A Glass Slipper Adventure, CINDERELLA SOLDIER, released on July 14, 2020.

Cinderella Soldier
A Glass Slipper Adventure

What if you discovered you’re afairy princess, but instead of taking the throne you want to be a warrior?

The fairy kingdom is in an uproar. The lost heir to the throne has been found and everyone wants to know her identity. Except Ellery wasn’t brought up to be royal and doesn’t want anyone to learn she’s the newly found princess.

To keep Ellery safe from court intrigue, her fairy godmother sends her on a secret mission to retrieve an important magical artifact. After a journey fraught with peril, Ellery discovers the real danger is still ahead. She must compete for the powerful relic against other champions from royal clans including someone she’d once loved and believed lost.

But to save the magical beings, Ellery will fight no matter the cost.

As she battles to claim the precious prize, Ellery finds herself drawn once again to the skilled warrior who had stolen her heart. But he’s the enemy, wanting to destroy what she seeks to save, and she must decide: Is their love more powerful than magic?

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