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Snow Wicked White Allie Burton
Snow Wicked White

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Cinderella Assassin

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Snow Warrior White Allie Burton

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Snow Warrior White
A Glass Slipper Adventure Book 5

She longs to find others like her. But it might cost her the one she loves.

Destiny Snow planned to fight in the battle with the prince, but she’s kidnapped by a secret banshee clan. The banshees don’t want to hurt her. They demand she take her place at the side of the future leader of the clan. Destiny believes there’s safety in numbers and she’s finally found other banshees. Except they’re nothing like her.

Ruled by the Grand Lord Justicar, the secretive banshee clan holds her incapacitated grandfather hostage. Destiny needs to remember her past and take possession of all her magic to heal her only living relative. But when she comes into her full powers, it releases a cataclysmic force no one can control.

Can a reluctant banshee control her shocking powers and give up the guy she loves to save her grandfather?

Snow Warrior White is the fifth book in the twisted fairytale series A Glass Slipper Adventure. If you like powerful heroines, family secrets, and cursed lovers, then you’ll love Allie Burton’s new installment in this spellbinding series.

Buy Snow Warrior White and leap into a magical quest!


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Snow Warrior White debuted as an Amazon #1 New Release!


starstarstarstarstar(5 of 5 stars) “I absolutely adore this series and was left hanging after the previous book…It’s a fast paced magical read that is full of action, secrets, mystery and so so much more and I have to say I read this all in one sitting, it is truly that good! Fantastic characters, exciting storyline, we greet old friends and say hi to new ones and hope that love prevails or will it, after all this is a twisted fairytale!!” – Deborah

starstarstarstarstar((5 of 5 stars)“An excellent sequel that is spellbinding and magical and wickedly good.I had a marvelous time reading this book so much so that I will be doing a reread of this series soon.” - Sairaiko

starstarstarstarstar“OMG! I absolutely love this series. It has me hooked. Destiny is such a strong leading banshee. Allie is such a skilled writer that her stories have you wanting more. Can’t wait to find out what is installed in Destiny’s next adventure.” – early reviewer

starstarstarstarstar“An enchanting tale about a strong heroine who fights for what she believes and helps others along the way.” – early reviewer


How long had it been since I was kidnapped? When I’d first awoken it had been at least a day. My heart fluttered wildly, imprisoned by my ribs, just like I was imprisoned. What did Stone think had happened to me?And what about my friends? I didn’t even know what occurred in the battle against the regent.

I peeked outside the tent. The sun set behind one of the gray cliffs. It was night and I’d skipped at least an entire day. The battle against the regent had probably ended and I’d missed it. I didn’t know who’d won, who’d been injured—I swallowed—or who’d died.

My stomach grumbled. If I wanted to stay strong to escape, I needed to eat and stay warm. “I’m hungry. Is dinner poisoned, too?”

Charmig laughed. A light, tinkling melody. As if his life had been full of fun. He signaled and the same banshee brought a tray. “He is a banshee warrior.”

The man had some sort of tattoo on his inner wrist. Charmig had one too.

If I couldn’t escape, I’d learn all I could about this group until I did. Trying to play nice, I forced a stiff smile. “Are you also a banshee warrior?”

Charmig certainly had the body for it. Broad shoulders, carved abs visible above the material wrapped around his waist. He dressed similar to the other banshees, except his clothes were more refined. More patterns and beading and a different color. The leather band holding his ponytail, had more beads and feathers. A long scar trailed from his neck to his chest.

“I’m an Elder.”

I held back a chuckle. “You’re not much older than me.”

“True.” His gaze narrowed and roved over my face and my body.

Creepiness crawled across my skin. The stretchy pants and top had been for my yoga sessions with Stone. I’d put them under the nice dress so after I snuck out of the palace, I’d be wearing something comfortable. Comfortable and revealing the way the dark fabric clung to my body. I should’ve accepted the blanket.

“Here.” He held a spoon full of what appeared to be oats mixed with a paste.

I closed my lips. “What is it?”

“High protein pudding.” He held the spoon closer to my mouth. “It’s healthy.”

I arched a brow and sniffed. It didn’t have a smell. I opened my mouth and he fed me a spoonful of the pudding. The oatmeal texture sat on my tongue while I waited a moment to see if my tongue went numb or I got sleepy or some other foul effect. When it didn’t, I took another spoonful and another.

“How does someone so young become an Elder?” I questioned between chewing. He’d mentioned his father was the leader of the clan. “Is it because of who your father is?”

His cheeks reddened and heat flashed in his eyes. “I fought for the position. Fought my way to the top.”

My questioning must’ve scraped a raw nerve.“If you’d uncuff me, I could eat by myself.”

And have a chance to escape.

“I enjoy feeding you.” His lips lifted slowly in a charming flirtatious grin.

I could tell the smile wasn’t real because his dark eyes were flat. Either way, his efforts at flirtation didn’t affect me. His words did though. He’d said something about my grandfather promising to bring me back to the clan. Grandfather had blamed grief for my suppressed memories and magic. Not until my stay at Reximus Palace had I learned and started remembering.

“My grandfather was taken by the palace guards. Like me.” If the banshees felt any loyalty, maybe they’d help. “Will your banshee clan help me find him?”

Your banshee clan.” Charmig angled his head in expectation. He wanted me to acknowledge the clan was mine as well.

Silence ticked past. Until I agreed I’d get no more information.

My banshee clan.” Yet I knew I’d never stay. “Are there other clans?”

Now I’d experienced the kingdom and other majiks, I couldn’t stick to one group. My friends were different kinds of majiks. Especially if Stone didn’t belong.

“No. And we won’t help you find your grandfather.”

Disappointment and sadness wove through me and squeezed in my midsection. “If banshees stick together, why wouldn’t you help find one of your own?”

Charmig’s smug expression annoyed. “Because we’ve already found him.”