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Atlantis Glacial Tides -- Allie Burton

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Atlantis Glacial Tides
Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 5

When a girl was wrong about a guy before…

No one trusts Princess Adria. Not even her beloved big brother. Disgraced and discouraged after saving Kai who turned out to be the enemy, she’s still shocked when she finds out about her betrothal to a slimy prince from another ocean kingdom. But what does she know? Clearly, she can’t choose the right kind of male on her own.

When she’s kidnapped by accident, she realizes she has no choices at all. Or does she?

Adria finds herself back in the clutches of Kai, the guy she’d given her heart to and who’d then betrayed her and her family. Stuck as a prisoner in a glacial kingdom of ice and evil, she learns everything isn’t rainbow fish and roses. She must become a strong, independent princess who commands respect and is willing to sacrifice to save her family. But by sacrificing herself is she giving away the kingdom she loves?

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starstarstarstarstar“This was another great addition to the Atlantis series, that took you on more twists and turns while showing you another couple finding themselves and each other.” Crystal Maria

starstarstarstarstar“Good read. I’ve read all of them including the novellas and enjoyed all. Hope to see more of the Daughters of Atlantis.” Amazon customer

“In this chilling addition to the Daughters of Atlantis series, Allie Burton plunges us into the freezing waters of despair and slavery in Atlantis Glacial Tides. Get ready for her quick wit, her fast-paced style and her attention to detail in each scene, while still giving us the feel of a sixteen-year-old girl, out of her depth, but never backing down or giving up. Ms. Burton can create nasty and nice characters as well as she can keep us wondering who is really playing on what side of good vs evil. From start to finish, this is non-stop fantasy! You may need an extra blanket to cozy up with as those frigid waters begin to feel real.” – Tome Tender Blogspot

“This was another great addition to the Atlantis series, that took you on more twists and turns while showing you another couple finding themselves and each other. 5 Stars” – Book Junky Girls


From Chapter One

“Adria.” Mother took hold of my hand and pulled me behind the large throne chairs. “Where is your tiara? The one that was made specifically for tonight? I picked the crystal tiara for you for a reason.”

“I forgot it in my rush to get here early.” How long would I have to listen to her rant about my forgetfulness?

“Did you take this from Sky?” Mother picked at a single loose strand of my hair around the seashell tiara.

“I knew you’d be angry I wasn’t appropriately accessorized so I stopped in Sky’s dressing room. She changed her mind about which tiara to wear, said you were right.” I knew this would please Mother. “So Sky gave me this one to wear.”

“Fine.” Mother’s lips pursed together in a sign of resignation. She pressed the palms of her hand into her skirt. “What did you think of the Duke of Vostok?”

“He seems like a duke.” A stiff, unbending, bossy duke.

“His father was very anti-mermaid. Did not approve of my marriage to your father. For his personal attacks he was sent from Merta to live in his duchy.”

“Then why are you being so nice to him?”

“Leith should not be punished for his father’s misdeeds. He has shown complete loyalty to Merta. He’s circumspect and traditional. He’s the perfect man to tame your wild spirit.”

“By dancing?” One dance wouldn’t change me.

“And other things.” Mother glanced away from me. Her vagueness caused the hairs on my arms to stand at attention.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I studied her changing expressions.

Her gaze focused on me, analyzing me. Her lips tightened into a short smile. An anxious smile, a smile that said she didn’t know how to say what she needed to say.

The short hairs wavered in the current causing my skin to itch. Wariness invaded like algae.

Mother had been insistent on my meeting the duke before the ball. Sky hadn’t known anything about it, but Royal Advisor Marsh had known about the meeting. Why?

“As I said, Leith has been loyal to your father and deserves to be recognized.” Mother’s fingers twitched in the folds of her skirt. Uncontrolled nervousness that she never showed.

The itching grew worse as the algae seemed to grow on my body. My throat dried and tightened. Something wasn’t right.

Mother continued, “The Royal Advisors all agree that you need someone older and wiser who will help navigate the royal waters.”

Like a turbulent ocean, the wariness turned to confusion and panic twisting inside my stomach. My brain buzzed like a seagull squawk. I didn’t like where this conversation was going. “Is he going to be my Royal Advisor?”

I was a bit young to have an advisor of my own, especially since I wasn’t first in line to inherit the throne.

“You will spend a lot of time with the Duke of Vostok tonight.” Mother jerked her head down in a hard nod and I knew she’d made a decision that would be difficult to change. “Because at the end of the ball, the two of you will join us on stage, and we will announce your commitment.”