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The Playboy Switch
A Castle Ridge Small Town Romance Book 4

Instructed in fun. Schooled in love.

After almost dying in an avalanche, Dax O’Donnell makes a promise to himself: get serious about life and his career. His playboy ways might be fun, but he needs to plan for his future. Applying to paramedic school has always been a dream, but is he smart enough to succeed?

Lexi Henderson has loved Dax since joining the ski patrol team at Castle Ridge Resort. Knowing he’s a playboy, she’s kept her distance, but when he’s rescued from an avalanche she kisses him and sparks both of their desires. But he thinks she has a boyfriend—another playboy, and she keeps a major secret. Or two.

Dax suggests fun lessons to turn Lexi’s quiet and rigid attitude around. But when fun turns to passion, he must ask, is she willing to make the playboy switch?

In this secret identity tale, love overcomes secrets and lies.

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starstarstarstarstar5 out of 5 STARS “Loved the book. The two come across as opposites, but balance is important in life.” Cashmere

starstarstarstar4 out of 5 STARS “A risky and steamy read! Such an incredible book! Loved getting into the player's head - getting to know him. So interesting!” Sairaika

starstarstarstarstar5 out of 5 STARS “Small town romance…HEA…Ski patrollers. I can’t wait to read more books by the author.” Jason

starstarstarstarstar“I was just going to take it for a test ride but once started couldn't stop . loved it.” Tammy


“That guy will break your heart.” Dax eased up next to her with a drink, but no woman in hand. His carefree expression was gone and the light had dimmed from his green gaze.

“Will he?” She was curious to see where this was going. He must not realize Ryder was her brother and would never hurt her. Not like others in her past.

“Ryder Croft is a playboy with no serious career or goals.”

She glared. Her brother loved coaching the kids on his ski team. Sure, he was a little lost when it came to a career. Dax had no right to judge. “Really?”“Croft is a gazillionaire.” Dax sounded as if his beer went sour. “If I had as much money, I’d quit my job and ski around the world.”

“Sounds as if you want to be just like him.” His sour tone filled her mouth with a bitterness that burned down her throat. He was jealous of Ryder’s wealth, not because he’d been dancing with her. Dax reminded her of her ex-fiancé Andrew who had only been interested in her money and her family’s connections. Pursing her lips, she tried to control her annoyance. “You don’t care about your job?”

She had a passion for saving people which is why she’d joined the ski patrol and become a paramedic. She didn’t want anyone else to unnecessarily lose their life on the mountain. The invention she’d been working on and trying to get developed would help her mission.

“I care about my job. I don’t want to see you get hurt.” He took her hand and patted it like she was a cowering puppy. “Croft’s a playboy.”

“And you can say this because you have the greatest dating record?” Overplaying her sarcasm, she let her pessimism come out in her voice. She’d always been attracted to Dax, yet kept her distance knowing his true personality. “You’re a playboy.”

His eyes morphed into chipped emeralds. He gripped her hand tighter and pulled her against him. “Then go out with me instead.”

The whispered words sent a tingle down her spine.

She’d longed to hear a declaration from Dax. A sexual tease or an invitation. Except this was a declaration of competition because he was jealous of her brother. The moment he learned about her background, she wouldn’t know if he liked her or her money. Plus, what exactly was he asking for? A date or a night in bed?

Stopping the tingles before they reached her heart, she forced a sappily sweet smirk. “So I should dump Ryder and start dating you, doing a playboy switch?”