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Atlantis Twisting Tides

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Atlantis Twisting Tides
Lost Daughters of Atlantis Novella 4.5

When a girl gets caught in a hurricane of love…

An Atlantean shouldn’t save a human. Not if she risks exposing her existence. Yet Adria can’t help feeling sorry for the poor male left stranded on a sinking sailboat in the middle of a horrific storm. He is awfully cute.

Impulsively, stupidly, suddenly, she saves him.

Pretending to be stranded on an island with this guy, Adria decides Kai is far more than cute. Funny, wise and appreciative, he’s exactly what she’s always wanted for a mate. But there are two things wrong with him. He’s not Atlantean. And he has nasty friends who hate her and her family. How can she allow herself to fall for Kai when he’s working with the enemy?


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Atlantis Red Tide (Book 2)
Atlantis Rising Tide (Book 3)
Atlantis Tide Breaker (Novella 3.5)
Atlantis Dark Tides (Book 4)
Atlantis Twisting Tide (Novella 4.5)
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starstarstarstarstar“Looking forward to this series. Adria is a beautiful heroine and Kai her Prince Charming. Can't wait to see what happens next above and below the water.” Carolyn

starstarstarstarstar“This is an awesome read. Couldn’t put it down.” Gladys

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Atlantis Twisting Tides


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Atlantis Twisting Tides


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Atlantis Twisting Tides


Kindle US Free > ... > Romance

“The book is short, as it is a novella, but it's a fun, fast read that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. The characters are easy to get attached to in such a short span of time, and the plot moves along at a nice pace without boring you and making you want to stop to do something else. “ – Jazzy Book Reviews


“The boat will last long enough.” Kai yelled over the sound of the violent waves and the angry skies. His expression stayed unconcerned as if he was the eye of the hurricane.

Were humans stupid? Is that why so many of them drowned? My father King Oceanus received reports of how many humans were found floating in the ocean every month. “I might not be an expert on sailboats, but I know a couple of things about the ocean.” Hundreds.

“So do I.” His voice crashed with the waves. He grabbed hold of the broken mast again. “What’s your name?”

“Adria.” I spit my name between clenched teeth. Didn’t he understand the severity of the situation? This boat was going to sink and he was going to drown.

His grey eyes smoothed and warmed like a calm sea. “You’re afraid.”

Not afraid for me. Afraid for him. “You should be afraid too. We’re in the middle of a voracious hurricane.”

To demonstrate my point, a huge gale force slammed into the boat. Into me.

I lost my balance. Fell forward.

Into his arms.

His corded muscles wrapped around my bare midriff. My stomach muscles clenched. His scent of sea and salt surrounded. My heart clobbered against my ribs. Instant attraction ignited—a volcano about to spew.

His expression softened. His eyelids hooded and his head lowered.

A boom of thunder had me jerking away. From him. From the instant attraction.

To a human.