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Cinderella Assassin -- Allie Burton
Cinderella Assassin

Warrior's Destiny --  Allie Burton
Warrior's Destiny

Atlantis Riptide -- Allie Burton
Atlantis Riptide

The Romance Dance -- Allie Burton
The Romance Dance

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Warrior’s Rising
Warrior Academy Book Five

A demonic power unleashed.
A love lasting centuries.
A phoenix rising to meet the challenge.

Lily is immortal, but obediently following her father s wishes for centuries hasn’t brought happiness or peace. Yet, the one time she crossed him when she fell in love only brought betrayal and agony. Now he’s forced her to come to San Francisco to help kidnap her half-sister, the first step in his plot to destroy the world.

Ash is a warrior, a believer in truth, love, and justice. Yet he only endures instead of enjoying his success. Haunted by the loss of his soulmate centuries ago, he no longer wants his heart involved in the mission. Better to focus on saving humankind rather than dreaming of what can never be.

But when Ash rescues the wrong prisoner, he must confront his lost love and the fact her father is his mortal enemy. Can he risk his heart once more, and love again? Or will they be too late—to save humanity and the love they once shared?

Other books in series: Warrior’s Destiny, Warrior’s Chaos, Warrior’s Prophecy, Warrior’s Curse


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