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Warrior's Curse Allie Burton

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Warrior's Curse
Warrior Academy Book Four

An ancient knot entangling her in magic.
A driven leader intent on controlling a curse.
A disgruntled slave unwilling to bow to a goddess.

Needing to suck up to her parents, spoiled boarding school student Cleo Carruthers decides to make an effort and attend classes. Except the teachers can’t see her. The Knot of Uset has woven a web around her and she’s become truly invisible.

A slave to Queen Cleopatra in a previous life, Warrior Antony refuses to serve anyone. But when a modern-day goddess demands his help, he can’t say no. Saving the world must take precedence over his wishes, until his desires get tied in a knot by Cleo.

Trapped in a strange world, together the two teens must secure the magic of the knot and become unbound from the relic’s powers. But they are being hunted by those who want them to disappear. Permanently.
Will sacrificing themselves be enough to save both their worlds?

“The climax was absolutely superb…this is a series you are going to love.” – Cashmere (Originally published as Cleo’s Curse)

Other books in the series: Warrior’s Destiny, Warrior’s Chaos, Warrior’s Prophecy

Warrior’s Curse, the 4th book in the Warrior Academy series.


Books In Series

Warrior Destiny (Book 1)
Warrior’s Chaos (Book 2)
Warrior’s Prophecy (Book 3)
Warrior’s Curse (Book 4)
Warrior Academy Collection (Book 5)




starstarstarstarstar5 of 5 STARS “Fast paced, well written story that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the end. Lot's of surprises along the way too as CC learns who to trust and how to survive. I'm anxiously waiting to find out what happens next!” –schris11


Waiting in a stone alcove, Antony observed Cleopatra storm from the classroom building. He didn’t wonder why she’d left class early. He knew. She was invisible to everyone except him, and the snobby, rich girl had finally figured it out.

Her lengthy stride showcased her long legs covered in perfectly pressed jeans. Who ironed their jeans? Her sable hair tied up in a black ribbon flew over the backpack she carried. Her gray eyes narrowed into slits.

His pulse palpitated. Even in anger she was beautiful.

Beautiful and dangerous.

He’d known women similar to her. With beauty and power and anger. He’d known a specific woman with the exact same name, who’d abused her power and her servants. Believed her word was law and everyone was beneath her, meant to serve her. The remembrances pressed on him like the heavy blocks of a pyramid. Chained him to a past he hated.

Like this modern girl would if she could.

Cleopatra had been disappointed in him when they’d met. A soft blow to his ego. He’d seen it in her expression. After following her for several days, he’d learned to interpret every gesture. Today, he’d upgraded his old sweatshirt to a nice black sweater and clean black jeans because she’d judged him by his clothes.

Not that he cared. He couldn’t care about this girl or any other. Never again would he care. He’d learned his lesson in his ancient past. He’d flirt with them and date them. They’d never mean anything to him.

He’d dressed nicer because it was part of his duty. First, waiting for Cleopatra to receive the Knot of Uset. Now, waiting for an opportunity to take the package from her. He’d mistimed the original theft with the delivery guy. He couldn’t mistime anything again. It was a good thing she wasn’t attracted to him, nor him to her, because he was only here to take what he wanted. The first time he’d tried, he hadn’t been able to find it on her person.

Staying a few feet behind in the trees, he followed appreciating the way her butt wiggled back and forth in an enticing way. How her silky brown hair had black-as-midnight roots. How he wanted to run his fingers through the strands to see if they felt as silky as they appeared.

Out of curiosity. That’s all.

He didn’t actually want to handle her hair. More a comparison between her hair and girls’ in ancient times. Shampoos and lotions were different now. He’d smelled her exotic, flowery scent when he’d pretended to bump into her and it had intrigued like no girl he’d met since returning as human.

Cleopatra took the same path as the other night, back to the place she lived. He jumped from one tree to the next, getting slightly ahead of her. He had to be careful that other students wouldn’t notice his agile maneuvers. Good thing there were only a few people about. Classes hadn’t ended yet.

Her cell phone rang, and she pulled it from her pocket. “Hello.” Her impatient tone grated on his nerves.

As if she couldn’t believe someone dared interrupt her pout. The mighty Cleopatra.

But she wasn’t that Cleopatra. He had to remember. She had no powers and no army. She wasn’t superior to him.

“Aunty Neffy? Are you all right?” Cleopatra’s tone changed from impatience to concern. Her expression softened and so did he. She cared about her aunt.

“The package? Yes, I have it.” She moved faster. “Something’s strange with—”

He leaned in, balancing between patience and charging forward. There was only one package important to him.

Antony wished he’d gotten closer, so he could hear the other person’s side of the conversation. It was odd the person on the other side heard Cleopatra. She was in an invisible state and couldn’t be seen or heard in person. It must be the long distance, or something to do with the modern communication device.

“I’ll call the police—”

By the way her words stopped, he had to wonder if her aunt always interrupted.

Cleopatra paused.“How much danger?”

He halted, analyzing her expression and her voice. Was Cleopatra in danger or the aunt?

Concern for her raced through his bloodstream, pushing him to action. He couldn’t contain his natural instinct to protect even with this girl. He made a tentative move to swing down from the tree and stopped. His muscles hardened, and he lectured himself. He couldn’t go right up to her. He wasn’t here to protect her. That’s how he’d gotten into trouble with the other Cleopatra.